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November 16, 2023x
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Lessons in Conative Excellence, Part 1

Every year, Kolbe Corp honors the individuals who display exceptional creativity and leadership when it comes to the use of conation and Kolbe Wisdom™. The award honoring individual leadership in building conative excellence, called the Kolbe Professional Award, is always hotly contested due to the...

October 26, 2023x
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The Easy Button for Team Health

In this special episode of Powered by Instinct, we bring you a webinar from EOS Worldwide’s Strong in Six™ Business Challenge. As part of People Week, Kolbe Corp President Amy Bruske was asked to speak on how to master the People Component™ of your business. The result is &ldquo...

October 06, 2023x
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Action Starter: A Non-Negotiable for Hiring

Action Starters are a series of shorts from the Powered by Instinct podcast. These are bite-sized clips with easily accessible knowledge for you to enjoy. This clip comes to us from Season 1, Episode 3, when Kolbe Corp CEO David Kolbe sat down with Jessica Mogill of Crisp . In this short clip, they...

September 14, 2023x
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Surviving a 5,000-Mile Road Trip with Your Family Using Kolbe Wisdom™

How do you travel for 17 days across 16 states with your family of 4 in a cramped vehicle and live to tell the tale?  If you’re Tashyna Wingo, Director of Operations at Kolbe Corp, you survive by understanding and accounting for everyone’s instinctive needs!  In this episode, Tashyna recounts her 5...

August 30, 2023x
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Using Kolbe Strengths to Navigate the Good Times and the Bad

"My passion is opening lines of communication in a broken and hurting world, and that's where I see Kolbe as being so powerful." – Mari Martin  In this episode of Powered by Instinct, Amy Bruske is joined by Mari Martin, “The Mother of Kolbe in West Michigan.” Mari brings t...

August 16, 2023x
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How to Infuse Kolbe into Your Company Culture

Getting a Kolbe A™ Index for everybody on the team is a great first step towards building a strengths-based culture. But, building a sustainable culture where people feel valued and have the freedom to be themselves doesn't happen overnight. In this episode of Powered by Instinct, host Step...

August 08, 2023x
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Action Starter: Focus Areas of the Kolbe System™

Action Starters are a series of shorts from the Powered by Instinct podcast. These are bite-sized clips with easily accessible knowledge for you to enjoy. This clip is an important one for understanding the basics of how Kolbe can work for you. It’s the 4 components of the Kolbe System in under 4 m...

July 25, 2023x
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Action Starter: Comparing Your Kolbe Result With Others

Action Starters are a series of shorts from the Powered by Instinct podcast. These are bite-sized clips with easily accessible knowledge for you to enjoy. This clip comes from the first season of Powered by Instinct, when Stephanie Clergé and Eric Herrera discussed an important step in understandin...

July 18, 2023x
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Action Starter: What Makes a Successful Team?

Action Starters are a series of shorts from the Powered by Instinct podcast. These are bite-sized clips with easily accessible knowledge for you to enjoy. This clip comes from the very first episode of Powered by Instinct, where we asked acclaimed theorist and founder of Kolbe Corp, Kathy Kolbe, a ...

June 29, 2023x
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Hire Right, the First Time: Using Kolbe to Build Stronger, More Cohesive Teams

When you’re looking to find the right fit for your team, especially at the executive level, you need to get it right the first time.  In this episode of Powered by Instinct, host Eric Herrera from Kolbe is joined by someone who knows how to get it right: Samir Wagle, Founder and Managi...

June 15, 2023x
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Find Your Natural Strengths and Build a Team Around Them, with Dan Sullivan of Strategic Coach®

“The day I got my Kolbe profile back was one of the most liberating days of my life.” – Dan Sullivan, Co-Founder of Strategic Coach  In this special episode of Powered by Instinct, host David Kolbe sits down with renowned entrepreneur and coach, Dan Sullivan, to discuss the...

May 30, 2023x
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Getting Certified in Kolbe: Build a Practice, Maximize Performance, Change Lives.

Amy and Stephanie delve into the power of the Kolbe System™ and what it offers Kolbe Consultants. They also discuss innovative ways they’ve seen Kolbe Consultants impact the business world and individual clients alike, and how Kolbe's continuous education and on-demand learning resources provide con...

April 20, 2023x
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Tales of a Newly Certified Kolbe Consultant

Are you an assessment aficionado? Think you’ve tried them all? This week’s episode of Powered by Instinct is a helpful way to learn how Kolbe is different.  Kolbe helps you understand the ways you naturally take action and interact with others. But unlike many assessments, Kolbe is particularly sui...

April 06, 2023x
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Finding the Freedom to Be Yourself

When you’re allowed to be yourself and play to your natural strengths, the difference you feel is astounding. This is true even for those who have found success otherwise. Take Hutton Henry for example. He didn’t feel comfortable in school. He didn’t fit in the corporate world. That didn’t mean he ...

March 23, 2023x
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Build a Business & Stronger Relationships with the Power of Conation

When Angelique Rewers read her Kolbe results, she cried. Finally, she had been seen for what she can do, not what needed to be fixed. Now, as the CEO of BoldHaus, with Executive VP Phil Dyer by her side, Angelique uses Kolbe to ensure ALL of her clients are seen as who they truly are.  The results,...

February 23, 2023x
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A Tour of the Kolbe A Index Result and Report

The Kolbe A™ Index is the only assessment that measures how you instinctively take action. When find out your MO and first see your 4 numbers and colorful bar chart, it’s normal to focus almost entirely on that result. But there's so much more to it. In this episode of Powered by Inst...

February 09, 2023x
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Kolbe Leadership Reacts to Gallup’s Employee Engagement Survey

Gallup’s employee engagement survey is out , and the numbers are down again. Less than 1/3 of American workers are actively engaged, and 18% are actively DISENGAGED.  More and more individuals are either quietly quitting their job or worse. Fortunately, there’s a missing link to engagement that can...

January 19, 2023x
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The Secret to Working with Family

Working with family is hard. The people you care about most also have the most power to get on your nerves, which means working together can be a LOT! It doesn’t have to be.  With the right knowledge and understanding of each other’s instinctive strengths, you can work together with the most import...

January 05, 2023x
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The Power of Strengths-Based Coaching

Strengths-based coaching can have an incredible impact for companies of all sizes and across various industries. When businesses commit to the people part of their organization, amazing results follow. Great strengths-based coaching requires expertise on instinctive strengths as well as expertise i...

December 15, 2022x
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Key Questions Every Manager Needs to Ask Themselves

In this episode of Powered by Instinct, Amy Bruske and David Kolbe, the President and CEO of Kolbe Corp, respectively, discuss what it means to be an effective leader in modern times. They do so by asking questions every manager should ask themselves:  Do you spend the majority of my time working i...

December 01, 2022x
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Using Kolbe in Financial Services

The more you understand your clients, the better you can help them. Knowing your own Kolbe Index can significantly improve your relationships with others, including your clients. Libby says, "Being able to know our clients inside and out and understand how they operate naturally really helps our adv...

October 13, 202200:34:2323.64 MB

Empower Your Kids and Embrace the Mess

When you understand and embrace the power of instinctive strengths , it can make a huge difference at work. But the learning doesn’t stop there. A greater understanding of instinctive strengths can also provide incredible support in your personal journey, and in the growth of those you care about m...

September 29, 2022x
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How to Build a Strengths-Based Partnership — Lessons from Kolbe and the CEO Whisperer, Cameron Herold

Finding the right balance between the leaders of your organization is absolutely critical to success, and instinctive strengths play a huge role in that balance. So, how do you ensure that your CEO and COO, can collaborate in a way that propels you towards completing your company’s mission?  “I rea...

September 15, 2022x
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Your Instinctive Strengths, Your Money and Your Team, with Dana Anspach

On the latest installment of the Powered by Instinct Podcast, Kolbe Corp CEO David Kolbe talked with Dana Anspach about what it means to trust your gut in the high-stakes world of finance. Dana is a Kolbe certified™ Consultant and the founder and CEO of Sensible Money, a financial planning firm tha...

September 01, 2022x
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BONUS EPISODE: Understanding Your Kolbe A™ Index Result, with Amy Bruske

The Kolbe A™ Index is the only assessment that measures how you naturally take action. Of course, once you’ve taken the Index, there are several actions you can take to better understand and build on your conative strengths.  First of all, you’ll want to have an appreciation of what your result mea...