How to Infuse Kolbe into Your Company  Culture

How to Infuse Kolbe into Your Company Culture

Getting a Kolbe A™ Index for everybody on the team is a great first step towards building a strengths-based culture. But, building a sustainable culture where people feel valued and have the freedom to be themselves doesn't happen overnight.

In this episode of Powered by Instinct, host Stephanie Clergé and guest Shara Wokal, CFO/CHRO of Riff Agency, dive into the world of Kolbe and discuss how Riff Agency integrates Kolbe into their hiring, onboarding, and team-building processes. Shara emphasizes the importance of consistency and intentionality in infusing Kolbe into the company culture and gives tips and insights into how others can do the same. 

Listen in to gain insights into how understanding natural instincts positively impact work and communication, and how to leverage Kolbe to create a more harmonious and productive work environment. 



💡 Name: Shara Wokal 

💡What they do: CFO/CHRO 

💡Company: Riff Agency 

💡Noteworthy: Integrates Kolbe into hiring and team-building, emphasizes consistency in company culture. 

💡 Where to find them: LinkedIn 

 Key Insights:


Integrating Kolbe into Hiring and Onboarding 

Shara Wokal discusses how Riff Agency uses Kolbe, a tool that identifies natural instincts, in their hiring, onboarding, and team-building processes. They utilize various Kolbe features like RightFit™ to understand new hires and their teammates. Weekly team meetings often include discussions about Kolbe, sharing stories and insights. Shara emphasizes the importance of consistency in integrating Kolbe into the company culture, allowing employees to be more free to be themselves and communicate openly. This approach fosters a positive impact on work and collaboration. 


Designing Work Environments to Support Individual Instincts 

The episode explores how Riff Agency designs physical work environments to align with individual instincts. Shara shares examples like having access to windows for those who initiate in Implementor or using tangible tools like mind menus and hierarchy pyramids. The physical environment is tailored to support employees' natural ways of working, enhancing productivity and satisfaction. This insight offers a unique perspective on how understanding natural instincts can be applied to the physical workspace. 


Promoting Gratitude and Recognition in the Workplace 

Shara reveals that Riff Agency starts every meeting by talking about gratitude wins, creating space for people to share personal and professional excitements. They also encourage gratitude and cheers among team members through various mediums, both in software and tangible forms. This practice fosters a positive workplace culture, emphasizing recognition and appreciation. It's a noteworthy insight into how simple practices can build a more supportive and engaged team environment. 




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