Action Starter: A Non-Negotiable for Hiring

Action Starter: A Non-Negotiable for Hiring

Action Starters are a series of shorts from the Powered by Instinct podcast. These are bite-sized clips with easily accessible knowledge for you to enjoy.

This clip comes to us from Season 1, Episode 3, when Kolbe Corp CEO David Kolbe sat down with Jessica Mogill of Crisp.

In this short clip, they discuss why using Kolbe in hiring is a non-negotiable for Crisp, one great mindset to have when using Kolbe to hire, and a specific time where using Kolbe helped a member of the Crisp team become the right person in the right role.

"Hiring with Kolbe is a bottom line non-negotiable. Why would you not use this?” – Jesicca Mogill

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