Next-Level Leadership – Using Kolbe to Help Executives Thrive and Build Dream Teams

Next-Level Leadership – Using Kolbe to Help Executives Thrive and Build Dream Teams

Nobody is asked to make more decisions, more difficult decisions, or more important decisions than executives. So anything that gives leaders an upper hand in making those decisions more efficiently and effectively is pure gold.  Enter our guests: Susan Spritz Myers and Whitney Capps. Susan and Whitney are both incredible leadership coaches who know how to help executives achieve amazing results and build remarkable teams. In this episode, they discuss the impact of knowing your MO (Modus Operandi) and how it can shape your personal and professional life. They share specific case studies of how they used Kolbe to help clients solve major problems through understanding their strengths and working together more effectively. They also discuss the importance of building teams with diverse strengths and using a whole person approach to company culture. If you’re a leader (or you work with them), listening to this episode will lead to great things and high-performing teams! 

Host: Eric Herrera (5392)


💡 Names: Susan Spritz Myers (4392) and Whitney Capps (8562)

💡What they do: Whitney has experience coaching a variety of leaders and specializes in emerging leaders, law and government, tech leaders, entrepreneurs, and non-profit leaders and activists. Susan provides executive coaching and team development to CEOs, business owners, VPs, senior-level leaders and teams of mid-market companies. 

💡Companies: Susan Spritz Myers, LLC and ClearSpace

💡 Where to find them: and 


  • Knowing your MO can have a significant impact on your personal and professional life, providing clarity and confidence in decision-making. 
  • Kolbe assessments can help individuals and teams understand their strengths and work together more effectively. 
  • Building diverse teams and being intentional in leadership development are key to creating high-performing teams. 
  • Self-awareness, trust, and collaboration are essential for success in team dynamics. 

Key Quotes from Our Guests 

“I have two children and I gave them Index A when they were in high school. One is graduated, one is in graduate school for physical therapy. But the fact that they got to do college or make choices based on knowing that MO I feel like is the best thing I ever did for them.” - Susan Spritz-Myers 

“There's opportunity for the short term and long term with Kolbe. Whether you have your results or not, just understanding that those striving instincts are at play for yourself and for others can really be life-changing. And what I think we've been able to leverage is we don't just stop there.” - Whitney Capps 

“If we have autonomy and freedom and psychological safety, we are much more likely to be engaged at work. And Kolbe is a huge part of helping an organization, helping an individual, helping a leader, make sure that people feel like they can be themselves.” - Whitney Capps 


00:00 Introduction and Welcome 

01:11 Impact of Knowing Your MO 

02:14 Personal Impact of Kolbe 

03:23 Impact of Kolbe on Leadership Teams 

08:32 Building a Relationship with a Law Firm Client 

13:23 Understanding and Leveraging Different MOs 

16:36 Supporting Individuals in Teams 

22:25 Looking at the Whole Person 

26:21 Shifting Roles and Responsibilities 

29:40 Opportunities with Kolbe 

32:58 Building High Performing Teams 

37:40 Conclusion and Contact Information 

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