Hire Right, the First Time: Using Kolbe to Build Stronger, More Cohesive Teams

Hire Right, the First Time: Using Kolbe to Build Stronger, More Cohesive Teams

When you’re looking to find the right fit for your team, especially at the executive level, you need to get it right the first time. 

In this episode of Powered by Instinct, host Eric Herrera from Kolbe is joined by someone who knows how to get it right: Samir Wagle, Founder and Managing Partner of 11:11 Partners.

Samir shares his experiences and strategies for building high-performing teams, aligning personal passions with professional performance, and the integral role Kolbe plays in their recruitment and team development processes. 

Samir talks about Kolbe’s role in identifying the ideal profiles for various roles and allowing clients to build stronger, more cohesive teams. He emphasizes the importance of “aligning your insides and your outsides” in finding a fulfilling career. In addition, Eric and Samir discuss hiring and recruiting trends, common mistakes to avoid, and why the most important thing you can do in an executive interview is make someone feel seen.


💡 Name: Samir Wagle 

💡What they do: Founder 

💡Company: 11:11 Partners 

💡Noteworthy: Samir specializes in building high-performing teams. 

💡 Where to find them: LinkedIn 

The Role of Trust in Team Building  

Samir emphasizes the importance of trust in building strong and successful teams. He explains how they use Kolbe assessments to better understand team members and foster trust within the team. By having a deep understanding of everyone's strengths and weaknesses, team members can trust and rely on each other more effectively. This leads to improved communication, collaboration, and overall team performance. 

"I think the biggest thing is trust. When you have the understanding of the strengths of people, you can really start to rely on those people, and you can really understand how they communicate," said Samir. 

Integrating Kolbe Assessments Into Leadership Development  

Samir shares how 11:11 Partners integrate Kolbe assessments into their leadership development programs. They use the assessments to help leaders better understand their strengths and weaknesses, as well as those of their team members. This deeper understanding allows leaders to make more informed decisions, delegate tasks more effectively, and ultimately build stronger teams. 

Utilizing Kolbe Assessments for Personal Growth  

Samir discusses the value of using Kolbe assessments for personal growth and self-awareness. The assessments can help individuals recognize their strengths and areas for improvement, providing valuable insights for personal and professional development. By understanding their unique profile, individuals can make more informed decisions about their careers and life choices. 

"It's [Kolbe assessments] also been really helpful for me personally — as I continue to grow as a leader — to understand my strengths and work on my development areas." 

The Significance of Accurate Role Fit  

Samir discusses the importance of accurate role fit for employee satisfaction and success. By identifying the ideal Kolbe profile for a specific role, organizations can ensure that individuals are well-suited to their positions, leading to increased job satisfaction and productivity. This approach can help companies scale their businesses more effectively and efficiently. 

"We started to get really clear on, for the different roles of our organization, what the Kolbe profile of that position is. Like the people that will really thrive there and enjoy the work." 



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