Lessons in Conative Excellence, Part 1

Lessons in Conative Excellence, Part 1

Every year, Kolbe Corp honors the individuals who display exceptional creativity and leadership when it comes to the use of conation and Kolbe Wisdom™. The award honoring individual leadership in building conative excellence, called the Kolbe Professional Award, is always hotly contested due to the wealth of incredible Kolbe Certified™ Consultants doing incredible work. 

In this episode of Powered by Instinct, host Toby Phillips engages with the three finalists for the Kolbe Professional Award. Sarah Gillet Couto shares her transformative journey from banking to coaching, highlighting how Kolbe's theory reshaped her career and personal understanding. 

Morgan Hutchings and Shawn Gulyas contribute their expertise, discussing the impact of conative theory in team productivity and leadership. They dive into the nuances of conative stress and its management, offering insights into workplace dynamics and personal growth. 

Listeners will gain a deeper appreciation for the Kolbe theory's practical applications, as each guest reveals how it empowers individuals and teams to harness their innate strengths while sharing the insights that got them recognized for their excellence. This episode is a treasure trove of wisdom for anyone looking to enhance their work with Kolbe, as well as for those who just want to learn more about the power of understanding their instincts. 

💡 Guests: Sarah Gillet Couto, Morgan Hutchings, Shawn Gulyas 

💡 What they do: Multi Lingual Leadership & Communication Expert, Executive Coach | Senior Consultant | Founder & The Thought Catalyst 

💡 Companies: Sarah Gillet Couto Consulting | AuDExperts | humanworks8 

💡 Noteworthy: Sarah Gillet Couto: Executive coach, former banker, passionate about Kolbe's transformative power. / Morgan Hutchings: Expert in team efficiency, advocate for productivity through conative understanding. / Shawn Gulyas: Leadership consultant, focuses on building conative excellence in organizations. 

💡 Where to find them: Learn more from our blog: https://www.kolbe.com/blog/2023-conative-excellence-awards-finalists-announced 

Innovative Hiring Practices with Morgan Hutchings 

Timestamp: [00:19:44]

Morgan Hutchings discusses the unique hiring process implemented at AuDExperts. He emphasizes the importance of aligning candidates with the company's core values and communication preferences from the onset. This process includes a voicemail introduction, a virtual interview, and a Kolbe A index assessment to ensure candidates are a good fit for the team and the company culture.

Sarah Gillet Couto on Conative Stress and Team Dynamics 

Timestamp: [00:08:37

Sarah Gillet Couto shares an insightful case where conative stress was affecting a team undergoing significant changes. She recounts a conversation with a director of operations who was experiencing stress due to a role that did not align with her natural instincts.

"We had this very interesting conversation yesterday... She said, I'm so happy we're having this session with the entire team together because I want you to use my stress to address what is going on within the group." 

Shawn Gulyas on the Essence of Consulting 

Timestamp: [00:31:53

Shawn Gulyas provides his perspective on the essence of consulting. He advises new consultants to immerse themselves in the theory they are teaching and to understand the broader implications beyond assessments.


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