Using Kolbe Strengths to Navigate the Good Times and the Bad

Using Kolbe Strengths to Navigate the Good Times and the Bad

"My passion is opening lines of communication in a broken and hurting world, and that's where I see Kolbe as being so powerful." – Mari Martin 

In this episode of Powered by Instinct, Amy Bruske is joined by Mari Martin, “The Mother of Kolbe in West Michigan.” Mari brings the type of insight you can only get from a dedicated Kolbe Certified™ Consultant for over 30 years. 

Mari shares how her MO, and her knowledge, has been instrumental in both her career and her personal life, through the good times and the bad. She covers how she used Kolbe as a foundation to build a successful practice, and how she then used that expertise to help her navigate her biggest challenge yet — her husband’s stage 4 throat cancer diagnosis in 2013. (To learn more about their incredible journey together, check out Come Home Alive: The Power of Knowing how to Work Together to Make it Through the Crisis of Cancer.)

Whether you’re a Kolbe Consultant who wants to change the world (Mari shares her 3 big pieces of advice for you) or just someone interested in an assessment that Mari describes as “practical, predictive, and prescriptive,” this episode is a must-listen. 


💡 Name: Mari Martin 

💡 What she does: President 

💡Company: Performance Strategies Group, Inc. 

💡Noteworthy: Mari started in communications consulting, discovered Kolbe in the Wall Street Journal, and built her own company around it. 

💡Where to find Mari: LinkedIn 

The Power of Kolbe in Personal Crises 

Mari Martin discusses the transformative power of the Kolbe approach during personal health crises. She emphasizes the importance of understanding one's mental energy and how it's expended, especially during challenging times. By being aware of one's natural instincts and how they play out in various environments, individuals can make informed decisions and navigate adversity with greater resilience. Mari's personal journey and her conscious decision to avoid being "Dr. Google" showcases the significance of using Kolbe to respond effectively to life's challenges. 

"I'm not saying that Kolbe is the answer. But what I am saying is that we have to interface with our environment, and understand how our natural instincts play out in that environment.” – Mari Martin 

Understanding Job Dynamics and Crafting Roles 

Mari highlights the importance of understanding the dynamics within job roles. By recognizing the demands of a job and comparing them to one's natural instincts, individuals can identify gaps and potential stress points. Mari's personal experience of identifying a gap in her Fact Finder trait and subsequently crafting her role to minimize stress serves as a testament to the adaptability and flexibility offered by the Kolbe approach. The emphasis is on building around strengths and crafting roles to align with one's natural instincts. 

Kolbe's Role in Practical Application of Strengths 

Mari contrasts the Kolbe approach with other tools like StrengthsFinder. While StrengthsFinder identifies strength themes, Kolbe provides insights into how to practically apply these strengths. For instance, Mari's theme of "responsibility" from StrengthsFinder is given context with her Kolbe score, helping her understand how to manage her responsibilities effectively. The conversation underscores the value of Kolbe in providing actionable insights and guiding individuals on how to harness their strengths in real-world scenarios. 



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