Find Your Natural Strengths and Build a Team Around Them, with Dan Sullivan of Strategic Coach®

Find Your Natural Strengths and Build a Team Around Them, with Dan Sullivan of Strategic Coach®

“The day I got my Kolbe profile back was one of the most liberating days of my life.” – Dan Sullivan, Co-Founder of Strategic Coach 

In this special episode of Powered by Instinct, host David Kolbe sits down with renowned entrepreneur and coach, Dan Sullivan, to discuss the impact of Kolbe on personal and professional growth.

Dan shares his experiences with the transformative power of the Kolbe A™Index, highlighting its ability to identify an individual's innate strengths and guide them towards the right opportunities. He emphasizes the many benefits Kolbe has offered the entrepreneurs he helps, how it fosters a more collaborative and effective environment by aligning individuals with their areas of strength, and why Kolbe is the “anchor profile” for Strategic Coach. 

Dan reflects on his coaching career and the importance of understanding clients' Kolbe profiles to tailor workshops and facilitate better communication. He shares how essential Kolbe is for hiring effectively, and how Kolbe has not only enhanced his coaching sessions but also transformed the lives of countless individuals by unlocking their true potential. 



💡 Name: Dan Sullivan 

💡What they do: Entrepreneur and Coach 

💡Company: Strategic Coach 

💡Noteworthy: Pioneered innovative coaching methodologies for entrepreneurs and business leaders. 

💡 Where to find them: LinkedIn 

The Significance of Kolbe A Index in Identifying Strengths and Best Fit. Dan discusses how the Kolbe A Index has transformed the way companies identify individual strengths and best-fit positions for their employees. He credits Kathy Kolbe for developing this unique profiling system that provides valuable insights into employees' natural working styles, allowing for better alignment with roles that capitalize on their strengths and ultimately lead to greater success and satisfaction. 


Adapting Coaching Techniques to Different Kolbe Profiles. Dan shares his experience in coaching and how the Kolbe Wisdom has informed his approach to working with different clients. He explains that by understanding the Kolbe scores of his clients, he can tailor his coaching techniques to better suit their individual needs, resulting in more effective communication and understanding. This personalized approach enables Dan to better engage and support his clients in their personal and professional development. 


Additional Quotes 


  1. [01:06:00] Dan Sullivan: "Kathy Kolbe went entrepreneur because it didn't answer a question and she created the thing that answers the question. Where's the strength of this person and where's the best place to fit in?" 
  2. [01:07:00] Dan Sullivan: "Podcasting falls directly in the center of where my Kolbe strengths are. I love it. Yes. As long as I don't have to prepare." 
  3. [01:09:00] Dan Sullivan: "The first thing I do when I walk in the room, I want to see their Kolbe, I want to see the Kolbe profiles. And there's a critical mass." 


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