Action Starter: What Makes a Successful Team?

Action Starter: What Makes a Successful Team?

Action Starters are a series of shorts from the Powered by Instinct podcast. These are bite-sized clips with easily accessible knowledge for you to enjoy.

This clip comes from the very first episode of Powered by Instinct, where we asked acclaimed theorist and founder of Kolbe Corp, Kathy Kolbe, a very important question:

What separates successful teams from teams that struggle?

Kathy shared a story about how she was able to identify which of three teams within a corporation was the most effective, simply by looking at their Kolbe results.

"You need a diversity of problem-solving in order to have a successful team. I think what's brilliant is to be able to measure the strengths of individuals, but then plot them in a team and to figure out who should be collaborating together. And then, as a leader, to anticipate where your team's gonna struggle."  - Kathy Kolbe

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