Empower Your Kids and Embrace the Mess

Empower Your Kids and Embrace the Mess

When you understand and embrace the power of instinctive strengths, it can make a huge difference at work. But the learning doesn’t stop there.

A greater understanding of instinctive strengths can also provide incredible support in your personal journey, and in the growth of those you care about most — including your children.

In this episode of Powered by Instinct, our host and CEO David Kolbe welcomes Kolbe Certified™ Consultant Clare Willson. Clare shares the breakthrough she felt when she first took the Kolbe A™ Index and why she decided to become a Kolbe Certified™ Consultant and Youth Specialist. She details how Kolbe helped her empower her son and how she helps other parents do the same.

If only Clare had discovered Kolbe when she was young. It would have helped her process and appreciate her strengths when it comes to organizing. If you need to create shortcuts and need flexibility when it comes to working with systems and procedures, make sure to tune in for some great conversation on the topic! 


  • Name: Clare Willson 

  • What she does: Clare is a team strategist at Riff Creative Studio. 



  • Noteworthy: Clare is also a Kolbe Certified Consultant, a Kolbe Certified™ Youth Specialist, and a former teacher. 


Podcast Insights 

🎙️Kolbe helped us improve our family relations. Like most of our guests, Clare had other family members take a Kolbe Assessment. Once they saw each other's results and compared them, it was easier for everyone to understand the other and improve their communication. ''My dad was a strategic coach, so he had also taken Kolbe. [...] My mom took it, my sister, my brother, their spouses, and all of our kids. [...] My son is ten years old. So it's baked into how we interact with each other. 


🎙️We can be more effective parents if we embrace our children's strengths and teach them to do the same. Clare was a teacher and is now a coach working with startups, business owners, and parents. As she says, working at school and having Kolbe ''under her sleeves'' helped her build a relationship with her son and motivate him to be his true self. However, she knows that's challenging for many parents, so she dedicates one part of her calling to showing them how. ''You don't have to be an expert to approach your kids this way. I think it does start with an understanding that the Conative is a separate, special part of the mind, that it's a real gift, and that there's a pattern that is predictable and that exists not only with you but with each of your children. And if you can find a way to work with that and understand it, you don't have to be an expert and know all the nuances. You have to start and learn as you go, and be curious.'' 


🎙️Kolbe builds better team players in business and daily life. ''If you are using this for your business, then you know that it works, and you know its power. And so, maybe it's just a question of time when people stop and say, 'I could have a big transformation like this in my family life as well.' Well, you absolutely can. Especially if you're using it for business, you already know it works. So imagine what it would be like to have this kind of teamwork within your own family.'' 

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