The Secret to a Growing Business featuring Jessica Mogill of Crisp

The Secret to a Growing Business featuring Jessica Mogill of Crisp

There is power in knowing your own strengths and the strengths of those around you.

This is true in any industry, as it is true in life. But one space where there is often a particularly large need is in the legal profession, where many business owners become so nearly by accident. 

Crisp is an award-winning company that specializes in helping legal firms grow their businesses, and they use Kolbe with every client that they coach…because they value the power behind understanding strengths.

In this episode of Powered by Instinct, Jessica Mogill, the Head of Coaching Strategy at Crisp, joins our host David Kolbe. The two discuss when she first heard about Kolbe, how she uses it internally and externally (with employees and clients) to improve hiring practices, optimize teamwork and align people to the right roles, and how the Kolbe assessment can help businesses in any field where team dynamics matter.


Name: Jessica Mogill 

What she does: Jessica is the Head of Coaching Strategy at Crisp, an award-winning law firm growth company. 

Company: Crisp 

Noteworthy: Prior to joining Crisp, Jessica worked as a trainer at a company, and her role required her to be certified by Kolbe. That's the first time she came across Kolbe.

Where to find Jessica: LinkedIn 

Podcast Insights 

🎙️Kolbe helps you hire the right people and, if necessary, move your existing employees to more appropriate positions. Crisp uses Kolbe to make the right employment moves and bring the top talent into the company. However, they also use it to determine their existing employees' strengths to help them reach their full potential and contribute to the company's growth. ''It's helped us to not disqualify candidates ever. It is actually to get them interviewed. And, I would say, a quarter of our company has interviewed for one position, and we've put them in a different position because we have had them take the Kolbe assessment.'' 

🎙️We ask our clients to take the Kolbe assessment. Crisp is a consulting company with a mission to help clients grow professionally and personally. Therefore, they approach potential collaborations the same way they approach new hires. ''Part of our onboarding for every single coaching client that we bring on is that they must take the Kolbe assessment. And we take that very seriously in terms of matching them up with which Crisp team members they're going to work with. We want to make sure that there's going to be as good of a communication as possible. And part of their package is for us to go out and do a Kolbe onsite training with their team. And we recommend that we do it sooner rather than later because it is so enlightening and it changes so much.'' 

🎙️Kolbe helps take professional and private communication to the next level. Jessica's husband, Michael, is also her business partner. But even before they started working together, she asked him to take the Kolbe assessment. In addition, the two have inspired their parents to do the same. Now they understand each other better, and taking the assessment has helped them improve their communication. ''Even with my mom — she is an initiating Follow Thru — knowing those things [really helps]. I'm an initiating Follow Thru. Sometimes they kind of battle because we both have our ways.'' 

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