PRO TIPS: Your Business, Your Team, and Your Career, Powered by Instincts — 10 Questions Answered by Experts and Industry Leaders on Powered by Instinct

PRO TIPS: Your Business, Your Team, and Your Career, Powered by Instincts — 10 Questions Answered by Experts and Industry Leaders on Powered by Instinct

Are you ready to use your natural instincts to improve your business, your team, your career and — your life?! Listen to THIS episode for pro tips that will set you up for sustained success. 

Welcome to the 10th episode of Powered by Instinct. In the previous nine episodes, we talked with Kolbe experts, CEOs, and entrepreneurs about hiring, onboarding, employee engagement, company culture, and how the Kolbe A™ Index helps improve these processes.

You’ll find answers to the following questions, and much more: 

  • What is the Kolbe A Index? 
  • What assessments should I be taking, and should I combine them with Kolbe? 
  • Why should I use Kolbe for hiring? 
  • How can Kolbe help me build and maintain an engaged culture? 
  • What has Kolbe done for other businesses and individuals, and how can it do the same for me? 

This episode is chock-full of information, innovation, and insight to help you take your business, your team, and your career to new levels, powered by instincts.

Podcast Insights 

🎙️The Kolbe A Index is an assessment of your strengths, your natural abilities, and the way you creatively solve problems. In the first episode of Powered by Instinct, we talked with the creator of Kolbe Index, Kathy Kolbe. We discussed what distinguishes it from other similar assessments and explained the revelations it leads to. ''So, it's not how smart you are; it's not your personality type. It's how you get things done when you do what is best — when you do it your natural way. So, what are your natural inclinations in problem-solving?'' says Kathy. 


🎙️The Kolbe Index helps you improve your hiring process. Companies use different tests and take different interviewing approaches to find the best fit for a particular role within their organization. But sometimes, even the best candidates do not meet their expectations. A Kolbe assessment is a valuable tool to avoid such a situation. ''People know what to say in an interview. I used to train on behavioral interviewing for years, and we would coach people on how to answer interview questions. And so, if you ask someone what they will do or how they will handle a situation, they know what you're looking for — there's a right answer. And so, by looking at it using an objective assessment, like the Kolbe Index, you're gonna get the information that you need. It also takes out that bias you might have when you listen to someone,'' explains Amy Bruske, President of Kolbe Corp. 


🎙️The Kolbe System™ helps you improve employee engagement. Culture is one of the core elements of your company. It is a tool that enables you to align your vision and mission with the rest of the team. But if you want your employees to work on a shared goal, you must nurture a culture of open communication and trust and allow them to show and use their natural strengths. The Kolbe Index helps you identify those and boost employee morale, teamwork, and productivity. ''If you have people engaged in their roles, they're a great fit for the culture of the organization, and they're a fit for their job. So that person will love their job, and engagement automatically goes up. And those are the people you want to build the future on. So an engaged culture is one where everyone's firing on all cylinders, contributing at high levels, and there is teamwork and knowing who should be doing what. Those kinds of things are factors that are hard to measure, but we can focus a lot more on that and a lot less on buying fun stuff and great outings and bringing your dog to work and all of the things that sound like great perks but don't necessarily move the needle,'' says Amy. 

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