Introducing the Kolbe A™ Index with Kathy Kolbe, Founder of Kolbe Corp

Introducing the Kolbe A™ Index with Kathy Kolbe, Founder of Kolbe Corp

Kathy Kolbe's vast experiences led her to believe a simple yet profound statement:  Every person on this planet is unique and capable of achieving incredible things. So she developed a theory. And then, she proved it.  Kathy is an acclaimed theorist, bestselling author, entrepreneur, and educator. She's also the creator of the Kolbe A™ Index, the only valid and reliable assessment tool for measuring an individual's method of operation (MO) within the conative faculty of the brain. In the first episode of the Powered by Instinct podcast, Kathy Kolbe and host Amy Bruske discuss the Kolbe A™ Index, its Action Modes, the benefits such an assessment brings to businesses and schools, and how it can improve our personal and professional lives. 

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What Is the Kolbe A™ Index? 

“The Kolbe A™ Index is pretty simple, very straightforward. It is an assessment of your strengths, your natural abilities, and the way you do creative problem-solving. So it's not how smart you are. It's not your personality type. It's how you get things done, and you do it best when you do it your natural way. 

So what are your natural inclinations in problem-solving? We've never had any way to measure that before because nobody understood the importance of this conative part of the mind. Philosophers knew it was there a couple of centuries ago. Some German guys talked about it, but nobody could make any money doing it, because you couldn't improve or change it.''  Kathy Kolbe figured it out, developed The Kolbe A™ Index, and introduced it to the business world. 


💡 Name: Kathy Kolbe

💡 What she does: Kathy is the Founder of Kolbe Corp and CEO of Dynamynd Inc.

💡 Company: Dynamynd Inc

💡 Noteworthy: Kathy Kolbe is an acclaimed theorist, bestselling author, entrepreneur, educator, organizational strategist, consultant, and speaker. Her groundbreaking assessments and performance strategies are used worldwide by businesses, schools, families, and individuals. This includes the Kolbe A™ Index, the only valid and reliable assessment tool for measuring an individual's method of operation (MO) within the conative part of the mind.

💡 Where to find Kathy: LinkedIn and Twitter

Key Insights

⚡ Managers should avoid inertia. As Kathy explains, the mistake most managers or leaders make is trying to hire people who naturally act as they do. Although it may be the winning formula for some teams – like sales - it will not be effective for teams comprised of individuals who have to collaborate to bring desired results. ''Avoid the inertia of being stopped in your tracks by having too many people who are alike. That's the biggest mistake hiring managers and line managers make. A line manager will say, 'Bring in more people like Joe.' No, not conatively. It may be in terms of enthusiasm and affect, maybe in intelligence and skill. Conatively, all managers should be looking for synergy.'' 

⚡ Allow employees to do the job their way. Every role within an organization requires a specific set of skills and experience. Job duties focus on the employer's expectations, but every company should also nurture a culture of employee self-expression and the ability for jobholders to approach assignments their natural way. ''The role of management always has to be, 'Do it your way.' As long as you have the right strengths that are necessary, conatively, do it the way that works for you.''

⚡ Aim for equality. The Kolbe A™ Index is not only for adults. A version of it can also be used in schools to help children determine their strengths. The Student Aptitude Quiz has proven highly beneficial for teenagers (high school kids). Once they take the quiz, they receive tangible proof showing they are all unique, worthy, and capable of doing many amazing things based on their natural abilities. ''What happens when we do that is self-advocacy goes up. [...] I want them to feel that. I want them to feel equal, not better. I don't want arrogance. I want equality. What we're teaching is not going off with arrogance because you're not better than anybody else. I don't want to hear the stupid stuff about ‘you're not any good.’ I've proven to you you're equal. So let's all talk about equality, and we will reduce suicide levels.''

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