Build a Business & Stronger Relationships with the Power of Conation

Build a Business & Stronger Relationships with the Power of Conation

When Angelique Rewers read her Kolbe results, she cried.

Finally, she had been seen for what she can do, not what needed to be fixed. Now, as the CEO of BoldHaus, with Executive VP Phil Dyer by her side, Angelique uses Kolbe to ensure ALL of her clients are seen as who they truly are. 

The results, like their business, have been bold. 

Join Angelique, Phil, and Kolbe Corp CEO David Kolbe as we kick off season 3 with a bang. In this episode, the BoldHaus duo share the story behind BoldHaus and the role of Kolbe in the company's rebranding. They also recapitulate their first encounter with Kolbe and how it helped them build a team and grow as leaders, and how Kolbe has helped them provide high-quality service to their clients, while maybe even saving a few marriages! 


Name: Angelique Rewers and Phil Dyer 

What they do: Angelique is the CEO, and Phil is the executive VP at BoldHaus.

Company: BoldHaus 

Noteworthy: Angelique and Phil use Kolbe internally and externally, helping clients build solid teams and grow as leaders.

Where to find them: Angelique: LinkedIn; Phil: LinkedIn

Podcast Insights 

🎙️One size fits all doesn’t exist — even for companies operating in the same industry. You need to be able to understand your clients. What's more, teams consist of individuals of different strengths, led by leaders with unique superpowers. The growth starts when they are aware of those and know where the change is necessary, whether within a team or processes. Companies like BoldHaus can assist you in this process. ''When we look at our client retention rate, when we look at the success rate of our clients compared to the industry averages, there's no question that us being able to get inside their brain and see how they're going to operate and take action instinctively allows us to be a better trainer, a better coach, a better consultant, a better advisor to them. We are clear with people. So whenever we walk into a strategy with a client, for example, we're like, 'Look, this is how we're built, and this is how you are built. And so, a couple of times you might see how we've done something, but that doesn't mean you have to do it that way.' So we're always reinforcing their freedom to be themselves,'' says Angelique. 

Kolbe helps create relationship bliss. Given the benefits, Kolbe brings to relationships in the business arena, it doesn't surprise why many move it to the private sphere. ''I'm 5-3-9-3, married to 7-7-3-3. So we have two action modes where there are significant — Follow Thru and Quick Start — where there is significant potential for conflict. [...] There were a lot of times when my wife was getting frustrated with some things. And the nice thing is understanding the Kolbe and having that seven-page blueprint on how to operate effectively together, whether in business or life, is super helpful. [...] The little tweaks can make massive differences in removing conflict and potential from conflict, from all types of relationships, whether it's boss to employee, team member to team member or spouse to spouse or spouse to adult children,'' explains Phil.

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